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Negative Fast Food Essay


Negative fast food essay

Fast food eating is not healthy. Every person in the world knows this. However, the awareness does not stop us from eating another cheeseburger at McDonald’s. If you are writing an essay about the negative aspects of fast food eating, you have plenty of sources to get information. There are many sites devoted to fast food and its harm to our body. However, the wealth of information on the topic makes it difficult to focus your ideas and organize your writing logically. We have written a sample essay on negative fast food for you. It is posted on this page below. Check also another post on this topic on our blog: If you are in need of individual help with writing and if you want to get an essay written especially for you in accordance to your special instructions and requirements, you have found the right place to get help: our site provides custom essay writing service and our prices are truly affordable.

Negative fast food essay sample

When we look at the typical American food pattern, we find a diet replete with processed foods from which many nutritionally valuable components have been removed and replaced by too much salt, too much sugar, and too many artificially hardened fats. The availability of convenient snack foods and fast-food restaurants has enticed us into eating large quantities of junk foods and eating them rapidly, often "on the run" and in an atmosphere of stress. We have received much nutritional misinformation about our true need for protein and for many years we have been surrounded by a culture that encourages us to consume far more calories, sugar, fat, and cholesterol than is healthy A basic question becomes apparent: Since the harmful effects of the average American diet have been known for many years (the relationship of salt to high blood pressure, for instance, is "rediscovered" about every 25 years), why are steps not taken to correct the situation?

The obstacles to major dietary changes are formidable. One important constraint is scientific conservatism. It is difficult to achieve a consensus among scientists and physicians regarding the need to modify specific food hazards. Scientists and politicians hate to "tamper" with food practices that they see as firmly entrenched in the culture. The giant lobbying arms of the food industry -- the processors and distributors, the fast-food franchises and sugar refiners, the interest groups representing eggs, cheese, meat, and milk -- are another powerful force for maintaining the status quo. Still, a steady assault by nutritionists, cardiovascular epidemiologists, the American Heart Association, the National Cancer Institute, and other groups is slowly overcoming these barriers. In the 1980s we are beginning to witness changes in food-buying habits, resulting from new knowledge about nutrition. There is a growing interest in natural and fiber-containing foods and a shift to lower consumption of meat and high-fat dairy products. These trends are impressive and many beneficial changes in food production and processing have already occurred. Fortunately, some elements of the food industry are responding well to these new consumer demands.

Man is a highly adaptable species with a tolerance for a wide spectrum of food tastes. There is no biological factor that inhibits our ability to reshape our food preferences. In my view, people only think that they eat what they like; in truth they eat what they have learned to like. Although sweeping changes in food habits are unlikely to occur on a national scale in the forseeable future, adoption of a healthier diet can begin in your own family now. Such changes are not difficult provided they are gradual.

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