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Reflection Essay


Reflection Essay: An Exemplary Model  

Reflection essay is a kind of essay, which presupposes reflection of some personal experience of the author. As any reflection essay deals with the personal perception of the events, it is closely connected with the science of psychology and philosophy. That is why some students find it difficult to cope with such a task. However, this task is not so complicated and even rather interesting and challenging to accomplish. Only those students fail to write reflection essay who do not even try to do it.  

Thus, reflection essay discloses your own perception of reality, your personal attitude to this or that phenomenon, that is why do not try to find any help in the reflection essay written by some other author. It will not help you at all. As a rule, all the reflection essay topics are of the global format, there are so many angles to look from at them, that is why the majority of the questions set in the reflection essay remain rhetoric ones. However, still, you have to present your own ideas at the reflection essay topics you choose. If it is too difficult for you to choose reflection essay topic or you can look through our ideas of the reflection essay topics available for you at our site.

In order to write the proper reflection essay, you have to be very careful with reflection essay format: Thus, reflection essay format is a very strict one and your reflection essay, despite the chosen reflection essay topics should contain the following items:   

  • title;
  • headings;
  • paragraphs;
  • text pages;
  • definite font (stated in the requirements);
  • page numbers,
  • footnotes;
  • reference list.

The goal of the first paragraph of your reflection essay is to catch the reader, so to say to hook him or her; if you fail to do this, your reflection essay will lose its relevance. That is why try to write such an opening paragraph, which will be able to impress you and make you read the whole reflection essay.

The aim of the central part of your reflection essay is to prove all the theses you have made at the very beginning. Our professional writing company advises you to be persuasive, creative, and reflection. In conclusion, you have to sum up all the ideas presented in your reflection essay and to show your own perception of the topic you discuss.  

This is an exemplary model of reflection essay. We hope our services will also help you.


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