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World War II Essay


World War II Essay: Secrets of Writing

World War II was one of the most destructive wars in the global history. It resulted in the deaths of more than 17 million soldiers and even more civilians who were killed during bombings, mass murders, and because of poverty and starvation. If you want to write an impressive World War II history essay, our college essay writing service advise you to choose an interesting topic (focused!), find supporting information (both primary and secondary), develop a central argument (thesis statement), draft the outline (it can be informal), and then edit your written essay for mistakes.

Let’s take a look at several good topics for World War II essay writing.

Topics for World War II Essay

The Nazi in World War II

It is a well-known fact that the World War II was started by the Nazi Germany led by Hitler. In your World War II essay, you may explore the motivations of Hitler, his intentions, and support of his nation. You may include brief analysis of the Nazi ideology as the foundation for the World War II essay writing.

Origins of World War II

World War II is often viewed as the continuation of World War I: You may explore other factors which have led to the World War II. For example, you may pay attention to economic, social, political, international, and other factors which contributed or motivated Hitler to expand his power over the Europe.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Some historians related the attack on Pearl Harbor to the World War II. You may try to show this link and argue either in favor or against it. For example, you may argue that the success of the Japanese inspired the Germans to carry out their malicious intentions.

World War II Depression

World War II caused depression throughout the world which lasted for many years. You may try to find primary sources on depression in the aftermath of the World War II and describe the life of people in the peaceful time. You may refer to economic and social outcomes of the World War II.

World War II Impact on Children and Women

The special attention should be paid to the impact of World War II on lives on women and children. The war made millions of women widows and turned children into orphans. You may write about the emotional challenges and the economic hardships the women of killed soldiers had to go through.

World War II and Atomic Bomb

The World War II marked the beginning of the atomic era in the global history. You may write a history paper about the evolution of the atomic bomb and show how the World War II events led to the additional research on potential uses of atomic bombs in wars.

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