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Developing essay topics is always a challenging task. Writing essays, you must demonstrate your position, state your voice, and present your judgments, supported by your research. To emphasize your own voice in the process of writing essays, you may include such markers as: "It seems to me," "I believe," "I think." But do not overload your essay by phrases!

 Your position must be supported by evidence. The teacher expects your college essays writing focused on a single narrow topic. The academic essay writing is the result of critical thinking and reasoned argumentation. The thesis statement is your position that must be understandable to the reader. Writing essays you should competently present the gathered information.

One more point you should always remember is that your essays must be original and creative. Understanding the nature of college essays writing is the basic knowledge for students: You should clearly understand what you do and why.

Good Topics for Writing Essays

Read the following controversial essay topics and choose the most interesting for your college essay writing:

  • Adoption, Pornography, Human Rights, Censorship, Family Relations,  Health Care, Rape, Homosexuality, School Violence, Teenage Pregnancy, Child Abuse, Cloning, Sex Education, Hate Crimes, Domestic Violence, Women In The Military, Homelessness, Smoking, Medical Ethics, Nuclear Weapons, National Security;
  • Genetic Engineering, Women’s Rights, Welfare, Drug Legalization, Racism, Eating Disorders, Gambling,  Nutrition, Euthanasia, Workplace Violence, Biological Weapons, Endangered Species, Prisons, Steroids, Population,  Poverty, Alcohol, Animal Experimentation, Animal Rights, Gangs, Affirmative Action, Terrorism;
  • Media Violence, Political Corruption, Prayer In Public Schools, Middle East, Gun Control, Sexual Harassment, Global Warming, Capital Punishment, Suicide, Immigration, Abortion Rights, Environment, Stem Cells, Internet Privacy, Bioethics, Driving Under the Influence, Crime Victims, Juvenile Offenders, Mental Health.

Reflection on Writing Essays Process

Writing essays is a challenging task even for the most experienced essay writers. While you may not have enough time for your academic project, our professional essay writers are always ready to help you out. We write essays from scratch and we guarantee on-time delivery. We will not let you down even if your deadline is tomorrow morning!

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