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Essay Writing Prompts


Why is it difficult to write good essays?

If you knew the answer to this question, doing homework would become much easier! This article presents you with some effective academic essay writing prompts. Follow these essay writing prompts and learn how to write great essays. Of course, good essays require a lot of time and efforts, but with the help of our blog and detailed essay writing prompts, essay writing has become much easier! Also, you'll find the life-saving paper services to help you cope with homework on our website.

Essay Structure

At the heart of the good essay is proper organization. Thus, the first essay writing prompt is to develop a detailed outline prior to writing.

·        Introduction

The introduction section is the opening paragraph of the essay. The introduction presents the audience with the issue that is discussed in the essay.  If you are writing an essay about the mushrooms, the introduction may contain the following information: mushrooms is a kingdom of living organisms that have features that distinguish them from plants and from animals, and which play an important role in the biosphere of the Earth. In addition, you need to specify why the topic is important to the reader. What do you want to tell the readers? Why should the readers be interested in the topic? How will you tell your topic? If you do not have answers to these questions, you need to rewrite your introduction.

If you don't know how to start your essay or paper, take a look at this:

·        Body

Body is the main part of the essay. The body of the essay should present your key points in the logical and consistent order. It is strongly recommended to have an outline for the whole. Of course, you may modify the outline in the process of writing, but it will help you direct your research and flow of ideas. Do not try to cover as much information as you find. Always keep your topic in mind and present the ideas, facts, and information only if they are relevant to your topic. Trying to cover too much will eventually lead to the poor result.

·        Conclusion

The conclusion of the essay should sum up the whole essay and include the final memorable statement. Remind your readers about the key ideas and then show why the topic has been worth of writing about. It is a bad idea to include jokes or slang in academic writing. Therefore, keep professional and appropriate tone until the final word.

Of course, these essay writing prompts are not exclusive because it is impossible to cover all peculiarities of academic essay writing on one page. You may further explore our blog for additional tips on essay writing or you may try our professional custom college essay writing services. Our team of essay writers is experienced enough to handle a wide range of topics and meet the most urgent deadline. We maintain the high level of professional and write every single essay from scratch!

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