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Essay Writing Topics


Essay Writing Topics

The type of essay writing topics you choose are strongly related to the kind of grades that you are going to end up with; Our best college essay writing company recommends to choose a topic that you know about - or you might just find yourself groping in the dark. If you know everything you need to know on a topic, the chances are that you are interested in it and there is nothing like interest to motivate you to write an essay that is a masterpiece.

If you have been researching on global warming (for instance: and following the news then you are well informed on this essay topic and that is precisely what will motivate you to write a really good essay on it. Start writing on your chosen topic with a strong thesis statement in the first paragraph and back it up with quotes and statistics from authoritative sources.

If you are writing an admissions essay then here again the kinds of essay writing topics you choose will play a crucial role in telling the admissions committee about the kind of person you are. If you choose to write about an art gallery in your town - this will indicate that you are an artistic person – on the other hand, if you pick more factual scientific topics backed by lab research, then this will indicate to the admissions committee that you are a person with a scientific bent of mind.

Controversial Essay Writing Topics

While selecting good essay writing topics you can also think of writing on controversial essay topics. These can get your essay noticed and may even spark of an interesting debate. Choose from topics like:

  • Assisted suicide
  • The medicinal use of Marijuana
  • Media and terrorism
  • Family violence
  • Nuclear disarmament
  • Racial equality and equal opportunity
  • Bioethics
  • Multiculturalism
  • Child abuse
  • Circumcision

Essay Writing Advice

Essay writing topics can be of many kinds. You can be asked to write on definition essay writing topics in which case you need to center your essay around an idea or term. If you choose a topic like energy resources then you need to first define the term and then write on the different kinds of energy resources e.g renewable energy and then differentiate this from non-renewable energy.

Choose the essay writing service with care and you are bound to come up with a really good essay!

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