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Essays on the Holocaust


Essays on the Holocaust

The Holocaust was part of the larger insanity of World War II, and few world leaders possessed the foresight to comprehend that Auschwitz was a separate tragedy, a lethal combination of the most primitive atavism with the most advanced technology, a combination which summed up the agony of the twentieth century. Instead, there was a certain annoyance at the priority demanded by the Jews when the entire civilized world hovered on the brink of totalitarian domination. It was difficult for France to muster enthusiasm for a mass resettlement for refugees, which was suggested by Roosevelt at the meeting of the officers of the IGC in Washington in October 1939, when the existence of the French nation itself hung in the balance. Nor was Britain, while fighting for its life, anxious to accept more refugees. The priorities were for national survival and victory, and the rescue of Jews would be considered only if it could be accommodated to these priorities. More is here:

Essays on the Holocaust should address the issue of genocide against Jews during the World War II. However, it does not mean that you need to go deeply into the historical investigation and try to cover all events resulting in the Holocaust. In addition, it does not mean that you should try to comprehend the Holocaust. Your task is to provide an objective account of the events that took place at the time. For example, you may explore why and how the Holocaust occurred or shift your analysis toward the analysis of its consequences.  The following sample essay on the Holocaust is short in length but it may help you develop your own line of reasoning on the given topic. If you need individual help with writing your essay on the Holocaust, you should use our custom college essay writing service – we are open 24/7 and our writers deliver only custom written, original essays with relevant content.

Essay on the Holocaust sample

In the three years before America's entry into the war, it faced no threat to its continued national existence as did France and Britain. But it acted as though it did and ordered its priorities accordingly. By June 1941 the nonbelligerent United States had more rigid screening procedures for refugees than Britain, which had been at war for almost two years. The security psychosis which was generously abetted by the State Department was the Administration's version of the national survival argument and had much the same effect on rescue activity. Once the war began the mania about spies having been infiltrated among the largely Jewish refugees could be muted in favor of the argument that the fastest road to rescue was to defeat Hitler. Nothing must be done to divert energy and resources from that goal. As it turned out, almost anything that could be done for rescue would cause such a diversion. Ships to transport refugees, which came back empty, could not be diverted because they were in short supply. Relief supplies could not be sent to camps because, according to Breckinridge Long, it would relieve the Reich from the responsibility of feeding people under its control. Camps could not be bombed because aircraft could not be diverted to tasks of "doubtful efficacy." If one argued, as many rescue advocates did, that by the time victory came all Jews in Europe would be dead, one revealed a greater concern for Jewish survival than for the survival of the United States.

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