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Informative Essay


Informative essay

An informative essay should inform the reader about something. For example, you can write about the immigration to the United States, provide supporting statistics, and highlight the most recent trends. We have written a short sample informative essay for you: It is also presented below. You can use to write your own informative essay. If you want to have a professionally written essay but you are not willing to spend many hours researching in the library, do not hesitate to try our individual informative essay writing services. We keep our promises and we are never late with delivery of your custom written essay. An informative essay is written from scratch in accordance to your requirements and instructions.

Informative essay sample

Apart from American Indians, and later a number of nonwhite immigrants such as Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Chinese and Japanese, United States society has been divided into two major racial castes--Negroes and whites. Negroes have been defined traditionally as all persons with any black African ancestry who cannot "pass" as whites. In the ante bellum period the most common form of contact between whites and Negroes, indeed that which molded the entire pattern of race relations, took place on the slave plantations of the Black Belt of the South. Slavery was not restricted to the southern states; it existed on a smaller scale outside the South until the Civil War. (The 1860 Census lists 18 slaves in the northeastern region and 29 in the West. The Middle Atlantic states had slave holdings numbering in the tens of thousands until the 1820s when New York abolished slavery.) Similarly, not all Negroes were slaves, but the vast majority was. In 1860 on the eve of the Civil War, some 4.44 millions in a total population of 31.44 millions were Negroes, and only some 488,000 were free. Some 47 per cent of the free Negroes lived outside the South. Some of the slaves worked in cities as craftsmen or domestic servants; but the plantation based on the monoculture, first of tobacco in Virginia and later of cotton throughout the Black Belt, was the involuntary home of the mass of Negro Americans.

The slavery regime of the South, although much harsher than that of Brazil, showed a great many structural characteristics in common with it. The plantation was largely an autonomous microcosm in which masters and slaves lived in close symbiosis. The slave owners constituted for the most part a feudal, landowning aristocracy that dominated both the economic and the political life of the South, and indeed to a considerable extent of the nation. (Ten of the sixteen presidents elected before the Civil War were born in the South and as many were slave owners.) Slave owners comprised only a small minority of the white population; in 1860 there were around 350,000 slave owners, that is, about 1.3 per cent of the country's whites. The high and steadily rising value of slaves (by the end of the slavery era, a healthy young man was worth around $2000) limited slave ownership to the wealthy.

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