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Research Paper Outline Format


Research Paper Outline Format

When a student needs to write a research paper, sometimes the instructor asks students to write an assignment according to a certain research paper outline format, what requires good thinking and extra time.

You should know that there are two types of research paper outline format, which your instructor may ask you to write.

First Type Of Research Paper Outline Format

It is a simple outline and you do everything in the following way (as an example, a topic for terrorism is):

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Body
  3. Terrorism in different countries
  4. Causes of terrorism
  5. Ways of protection from terrorism
  6. The Conclusion

In other words, you should specify three major parts of your research paper and use only key wordsfor directing your reader at the certain element of your structure.

Second Type of Research Paper Outline Format

This type of outline requires you to do a detailed research paper outline with many subparts and description of the parts, which you have.

One sentence per one point should be enough. Here you may include a brief examination of the introductory and the conclusive parts. Instructors want students to meet these requirements of the second research paper outline format to know, whether a student understands and performs everything right in his/her research paper.

Steps to Follow for Research Paper Outline Format

Step 1

You need to remember about two types of research paper outline format, which specify topic discussion or sentences examination accordingly. You need to learn how to write a short or through research paper outline and set about working on it.

Step 2

You may head your pages, what will allow you to remember where you should turn to and what numbers of pages you need to specify while following research paper outline format.

Step 3

Your outline should meet all requirements of research paper outline format, which specifies that you need to give a title of your research paper, then write an outline itself. If needed, to include a references list too.

Step 4

Do not forget about subparts of your research paper. You need to present the main aspects of your investigation and give a name to each point of your outline.

Step 5

According to research paper outline format, you need to use capital letters for major topics and lowercase letters for details being discussed in this subpart.

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