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Research Paper Outline Template


Research Paper Outline Template

If you have some questions concerning a research paper outline, you have come to the right place, where you may find advice from our professional writers. We may prove you our good intentions and want you to be our friends!

You should know that there are two outlines, which you may use for your research paper. A short and detailed research paper outline template may be your guides. However, you may have two different styles of writing a research paper outline.

Research Paper Outline Template

  1. Introduction. It is the first and the most difficult part to start with is. Here you need to perform several tasks, such as capturing the reader’s attention from the beginning, in other words, make your audience to be interested in your writing. Then you should build a case with the help of logic. The last thing is to write the thesis sentence or topic sentence, where you need to single out those moments which you will discuss closely further. Do not forget about a transitional sentence.
  2. Body. In this part, you should single out three main points to discuss. In each subpart, you need to state your main aspect being discussed and give at least three supportive sentences. They may include citations, examples and your thinking. In addition, use a transitional sentence to move to the next part.
  3. Conclusion. You restate the thesis sentence and give your opinion on the problem.

Another Variant Of A Research Paper Outline Template

There can be another situation, when you get the following research paper outline template:

  • Introduction. Here you should lead your reader into the discussion, present some terms and aspects of your investigation.
  • Literature review. You need to specify, what sources of information you have found for your investigation and base it on something.
  • Methodology. You may use comparison and contrast methodology, take a systematic approach or analysis making. State on the methods you have used during your work on the topic.
  • Data. Use some diagrams, examples, statistics, which are useful for proving some facts and analyzing a subject.
  • Analysis. Here is the most interesting part, where your task is to analyze what you have and why it takes place. You need to explain every detail of your discussion.
  • Results. Specify what you expected at the beginning of the research and what you have now. Why do results differ or are they the same?
  • Conclusion. Here you may give a summary of your research and offer something on solving problems and future discussion.

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