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Writing an essay


Writing an essay is an assignment given by a tutor to check your understanding of the topic.  However, while you can have a deep understanding of the topic and course materials, you may not be a profound writer.  Below is the sample on essay on natural selection.  Pay special attention to the format and flow of ideas.  Writing an essay keep in mind that your task is to organize an essay in a proper format and present ideas logically.  Every paragraph must fit the topic Continue reading

Theology Essays


Theology Essays: How to Cope with Them Theology essays are always rather serious essays as they are devoted to rather controversial topic, which does not have any commonly accepted treatment. That is why in order to be able to write your theology essays you have to be acquainted with the majority of existing theological theories. If you have received a task to write theology essays, the first thing you have to do is to run to the library and start researching the topic. The Most Important Continue reading

The color purple essays


The color purple essays ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker will probably be the most unforgettable portrayal of a  black female from south America that you will ever come across”...could be a suitable opening line  for your introductory paragraph to the Color Purple Essays. It touches on both the theme as well as the excellence of its portrayal. The Color Purple Essays can refer to the mention of the title on pg 291 when we discover that Celie lives in a purple and Continue reading

Term paper on Islamic sickness


Term paper on Islamic sickness Al-H??rith is sometimes used by those who need to justify the use of medicine and doctors by Muslims. Given the great achievements of Islamic culture in the medical field, it might, at first, seem surprising that such a justification or defense of medicine was considered necessary at all; but it is clear that there was a certain uneasiness about the practice of medicine, even an outright opposition to it, on the part of many Muslims, and consequently the Continue reading

Sample Graduate School Essays


Sample Graduate School Essays You are finishing your school and now the time for the last examination, which include a graduate school essay. Even if you were genius, you will be afraid of that also, because your certificate grades will play an important role while your entering the college. So many of students do not know what to do and use a service of sample graduate school essays. What advantages and disadvantages it has, we will discuss in our article. Say “YES” To Sample Continue reading

Rose for Emily essay


Rose for Emily essay If you have to write a Rose for Emily essay, you should read the book in the first place. Please read the following professionally written sample essay on Rose for Emily to get an idea on how to express your ideas.  …"A Rose for Emily," is a story that shows all too clearly how airily Faulkner can reproduce the manipulation of the reader's emotions that is the real aim of the commercial short story. "A Rose for Emily" is the story of the old Continue reading

Research papers on divorce


Research papers on divorce Have to write research papers on divorce and do not know how to start writing? Not a problem!  It is easy to write research papers on divorce with the help of free samples.  …The scientific study of divorce is still in its rudimentary stages. Social psychiatry has, within the past decade or two, made promising beginnings toward understanding the problem. The researches which Joseph K. Folsom, E. W. Burgess, and others have been making toward devices for Continue reading

Reaction Essay


Reaction essayReaction essay, as the name suggests, should be based on your reaction to the book, movie, article, person, or situation.  In essence, reaction essay is a response essay.  You are expected to express your personal point of view and share emotions, thoughts and ideas.  For example, here is a sample reaction essay written by one of our writers:Sample reaction essayLittle genuine historical or biographical information has survived about early Scottish saints. Frequently Continue reading

Process analysis essays


Process analysis essayIf you have to write a process analysis essay, it means that your teacher wants to check your critical thinking and analytical skills.  You cannot write a good process analysis essay, if you do not understand the theory behind the given process.  Our free essay writing blog includes over 200 pages devoted to essay writing.  In addition, you may take advantage of the free samples (similar to the essay sample posted below). If you need professional custom Continue reading

Persuasive essay


Persuasive essay writing should begin with the overview of all sides of the topic.  Undoubtedly, not every topic can become persuasive!  For example, it is hardly possible to write a persuasive essay on a tree.  So, once you have chosen a position on the topic, you should think about the specific points to develop your line of reason.  Below is the sample of a good persuasive essay on biology, nature and nurture.  Reading the following sample of the persuasive essay, Continue reading