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Example research paper


Example research paper The following example research paper is written on women’s rights.  The topic is exceptionally interesting as well as wide.  Thus, you should focus your research on the specific aspect of the topic, develop a good research question, and gather reliable information.  The following example research paper is useful as a sample of professional research paper writing. ….In Colonial days, women were subjected, by law and by custom, to the authority of men. Continue reading

Example of research papers


Example of research papers Example of research papers is a useful sample of written paper.  As a student, you have to write numerous research papers for all courses.  However, the truth is that not every student is able to produce quality writing not because he does not want to do his homework but rather because assignments are becoming more difficult while students have no time to devote to writing.  The following example of research paper is written on economic pressures and Continue reading

Example of persuasive essay


Example of persuasive essay The only rule of successful persuasive essay writing is:  your persuasive essay must persuade the reader to accept something as true or convincing.  For example, persuasive essay can be devoted to the abortion question.  Your task is to persuade the reader of your persuasive essay that abortion is morally wrong. It sounds rather easy, doesn’t it?  However, you have probably already tried to write your own persuasive essay and you know that Continue reading

Example of descriptive essay of a person


Example of a descriptive essay of a person – Nelson.  Read this free sample and create your own written masterpiece! In many ways, like all of us Nelson has been changing over the years. I think that the basic change in Nelson is that as he has been living through prison his anger and hatred of the system has been increasing, but the manifestations of that anger have become less visible to a person. They are more subdued, more tempered. They've become more cold and analytical in Continue reading

Essays on water cycle


The cause of the rise in sea level is guessed to be the melting of glacial ice at a faster rate than it is being replenished. Ice formed during the Ice Age is being given back to the sea in our naturally warmer geological period, and man is making matters worse by pouring so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that more heat is being trapped within it. By burning great quantities of fuel with oxygen from the atmosphere we have raised the content of carbon dioxide by several percent in Continue reading

Essays on respect


Essays on respectWriting essays on respect, you may choose to write a descriptive, exemplification, or definition essay.  If you are writing a descriptive essay on respect, you may describe an instance involving a theme of respect.  If you are writing an exemplification essay on respect, you may choose to write a person who is respectful in your opinion.  Below is a short sample essay on respect for parents. If you need help with writing essays on respect, keep in mind that our Continue reading

Essays on Macbeth


Essays on Macbeth Essays on Macbeth should be based on specific, narrowed topic.  You should choose a specific topic and narrow your research to specific question.  Read the following essay to learn how to narrow essay topic: …It is possible to interpret Macbeth's 'Wake Duncan with thy knocking, I would thou couldst!' as sincere remorse for Duncan's murder. I think, however, that he is still concerned with himself; he would like Duncan alive that he himself might not be exposed to Continue reading

Essays environmental protection


Essays environmental protection Some students enjoy writing while others hate it.  Nevertheless, all of us have to write essays from time to time because writing assignments are very common in colleges and universities.  If you have an essay on environmental protection due but did not even start writing; you are in trouble.  We have written a sample essay environmental protection for you.  You may use it a starting point for your own research. …"Localization of effects" Continue reading

Essay on the American dream


Essay on the American dream Writing an essay on the American dream is a true pleasure, for Americans.  However, most of the students find it rather difficult to write essays for two reasons: 1) they have no time to write an essay or 2) they do not want to write an essay.  Of course, there are many other reasons why students hate writing.  Here is a sample of essay on the American dream: …Americans, at least young Americans, are apparently not too worried by global threats. If we Continue reading

Essay on smoking


Essay on smoking Writing an essay on smoking, you may become persuasive, argumentative, descriptive or critical.  Sometimes, the specifics of topic smoking limit the choice of the writing strategy. However, you should always strive to provide only relevant, interesting and recent information.  Remember about the negative consequences of plagiarizing! Here is an essay sample on workplace smoking: Legislation that has an impact on the issue of workplace smoking can be best Continue reading